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Our Heart on Your Health

Here’s To Your Health

Divinely Designed


God created our bodies perfectly. Now you may say my body isn’t perfect. Well, I am referring to the function of

how our body was created. Just like each member of the body of Christ has a purpose and a function so does the

physical body. He divinely designed our body and its members or parts to work as a unit. Each part has its own

function, but each part is connected to the other in some way. They each work together to accomplish one

purpose. That purpose is to live and move and have our being for the glory of God. We are meant to have life

and life more abundant. Also, to accomplish what we were ordained to do, walking out our purpose on this earth.

Therefore, we must be strong and whole in our physical health to be all we are called to be spiritually. God made

no mistake in how he put the body together. It was with great care and purpose that he positioned every part in

its place. If we have some awareness of how the body and its members work, then we will be more compelled to

treat it with love and care.

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Our body houses the spirit of God which lives in us when we ask Jesus to

come into our life. We must do things to build up and strengthen and not hurt or destroy the temple. We all

have a great calling upon our lives individually and corporately. There is a call to be equipped spiritually for all

that God has us to do. I believe that to be all we are to be and do all we are to and fulfill that calling we must

ourselves walk in God’s strength and divine health.

God has given us all the tools to walk in divine health. He has provision for everything we are called to do. In

health and our bodies, he has provided foods that create life and strength and energy. There is a great difference

between an apple and an apple pie. One is a whole food created by God in its original state with great health

benefits. On the other hand, an apple pie, though it has apples in it has butter, sugar, and flour. That doesn’t

mean it is all bad, but it isn’t giving you the full benefit of the whole food in its original state namely the apple. By

no means am I saying we cannot eat apple pie. The key to health or in anything for that matter is balance.

I believe we can provide insight to guide all of us with information or suggestions therefore giving you the tools

needed to make wise choices for the benefit of every part of your body for the glory, plan, and purpose of God.

Here’s to your Health! ♥ Patice Lenhart.

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