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Welcome to the first edition of the
RoyalSon Health & Wellness Newsletter

February, 2023

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Quarterly Issue      February 2023
Quarterly Issue      February 2023
Our First Newsletter

Hello family and welcome to our first newsletter! We are excited to bring you information and encouragement that will help you make healthy choices for your life. You will find things like how your body works, what to look for in reading labels, healthy thoughts, inspirational messages and much more. Our desire is for you to be blessed and prosper in your health even as your soul prospers. I John 3

Here’s To Your Health
Divinely Designed

God created our bodies perfectly. Now you may say my body isn’t perfect. Well, I am referring to the function of how our body was created. Just like each member of the body of Christ has a purpose and a function so does the physical body. He divinely designed our body and its members or parts to work as a unit. Each part has its own function, but each part is connected to the other in some way. They each work together to accomplish one purpose. That purpose is to live and move and have our being for the glory of God. We are meant to have life and life more abundant. Also, to accomplish what we were ordained to do, walking out our purpose on this earth. Therefore, we must be strong and whole in our physical health to be all we are called to be spiritually. God made no mistake in how he put the body together. It was with great care and purpose that he positioned every part in its place. If we have some awareness of how the body and its members work, then we will be more compelled to treat it with love and care.

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Our body houses the spirit of God which lives in us when we ask Jesus to come into our life. We must do things to build up and strengthen and not hurt or destroy the temple. We all have a great calling upon our lives individually and corporately. There is a call to be equipped spiritually for all that God has us to do. I believe that to be all we are to be and do all we are to and fulfill that calling we must ourselves walk in God’s strength and divine health.

God has given us all the tools to walk in divine health. He has provision for everything we are called to do. In health and our bodies, he has provided foods that create life and strength and energy. There is a great difference between an apple and an apple pie. One is a whole food created by God in its original state with great health benefits. On the other hand, an apple pie, though it has apples in it has butter, sugar, and flour. That doesn’t mean it is all bad, but it isn’t giving you the full benefit of the whole food in its original state namely the apple. By no means am I saying we cannot eat apple pie. The key to health or in anything for that matter is balance.

I believe we can provide insight to guide all of us with information or suggestions therefore giving you the tools needed to make wise choices for the benefit of every part of your body for the glory, plan, and purpose of God.
Here’s to your Health! 
♥ Patice Lenhart.

HEALTH Tip of the Day

When looking for a parking place at the grocery store or the mall consider parking further away giving you an opportunity to get some walking in. Your heart will thank you and your body will burn calories resulting in a smaller waistline.

Create New Habits

What a blessing to have a new start. I am not just referring to the new year though it seems we all want to start fresh at the beginning of the year. How wonderful to create new habits. Good habits. It’s good to have balance in all areas of our life. There is such a connection with our spirit, soul, and body. One always effects the other. When one area is out of balance the other areas respond. If you are hurting in your body, it is often hard to pray. Your emotions (soul) are affected, and you may simply not be yourself.
If you are upset about something or hurt by something or someone, a wound in your soul takes place unless you forgive and allow the Lord to heal that emotional pain. Otherwise, it will be a sensitive area until things are dealt with and that can affect the other areas of your life. Sometimes in a place of imbalance you may look to pacify your discomfort. There are different forms of comforting oneself and not eating or eating the wrong things like what they call comfort food such as pasta, chocolate, sugar, etc. All this in turn effects your whole being. Purging yourself of sweets and processed foods gives your body a jumpstart to creating better health habits. It isn’t always easy to deny yourself those treats you are used to eating but the benefit is well worth it. Now that you have created some new habits keep making better choices. You will sense wellness not just in your body but in your spirit and soul as well. So, keep up the good work. You can do ALL things through Christ!

Label Reading 101

Labeling on food items will have a list of ingredients. They also note the percentage of sugar, sodium, fat, calories, etc. Regarding the ingredients, it usually lists the highest content to the lowest. For example, when you see sugar as the first ingredient that says that there is a lot of sugar in this product. Some ingredients are not beneficial in any amount. There are many substances that are either artificial or doesn’t have any nutritional benefits. Sometimes they put ingredients into foods that are mainly for flavoring, or color (the way they look makes them more appealing), or other ingredients used to enhance the flavor. They feel they must do this because it is most likely a food product that is so processed it doesn’t resemble anything good for us. It is just empty calories with no nutritional value. One of the items they use to enhance flavor is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) also known as Accent, gelatin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), yeast extract, malted barley, rice syrup or brown rice syrup and others. This is a flavor enhancer and well known and used in Chinese food, but is used in many processed, canned foods and meats. You can’t see it or taste it but it makes the food you are eating taste better than normal. This so-called flavor enhancer is more than meets the eye. It is also called an excitotoxin, which means it overexcites our cells to the point of damage, acting like poison. Adverse effects are headaches, fatigue, depression, rapid heartbeat, tingling and numbness, and can even cause obesity. In common terms it effects the nerve cells in the brain. It also has been known to affect the hearts electrical system and the heart muscle itself. I personally have experienced the rapid heartbeat after eating out signaling to me that something I ingested was laced with MSG. The best way to avoid such things is to choose fresh, whole foods the way God created them. Avoiding as much processed foods as possible will insure you are giving the best quality food to your body.

The Heart of the Matter

We all know that the heart has a very important purpose. It pumps our blood throughout our body. We know from scripture in Leviticus 17: 14 that life is in the blood. So not only did God give us life through the shedding of Jesus’ blood but the very job of our heart is to pump the blood in our body providing energy and oxygen to the cells of our body giving us life. God is amazing isn’t he? The heart has spiritual functions as well as physical functions. Our heart is the wellspring of life Proverbs 4:23. We are also to guard our heart. Love the Lord your God with all your heart. Matt. 22:37 Location wise it is in the center of our chest. The center of our being. It is a fact that without it we cannot live. Your heart is a muscle. Therefore it needs exercise. Even walking is a beneficial part of strengthening the heart muscle. The saying goes that when you see the one you are in love with it can make your heart skip a beat. Well, I doubt that will do that, but not getting enough nutrients and minerals that feed the health of the heart may.
So, consider loving your heart enough to take good care of it. Exercise, good thoughts, nutrients and minerals, all have a positive effect on our heart. And Remember, “And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13♥

In speaking of love, there is a holiday that celebrates love. Valentine’s Day! ♥ God loved us so much that He gave us his only begotten son Jesus Christ. Who gave his life for us. ♥ His love covers a multitude of sins. ♥ Love thy neighbor as yourself. ♥ God’s love is unconditional. ♥ He loved us first.

Well as you can see love is what God is all about. The symbol of love is the heart. Why is that? In Ancient times they said the heart was known as the center of emotions. Therefore, it has become the symbol of love especially romantic love. I hope it doesn’t take a holiday to show someone you love them. Love is not just candy and dinner or flowers though I wouldn’t pass that up if it was offered to me. Love is really about relationship. That’s why Jesus died for us. Most importantly it was to restore relationship with our heavenly Father. He is the perfect example of love. Specifically unconditional love. The love that isn’t based on behavior or conditions. A love that loves despite our weaknesses or moods. He really is the ultimate example of love. God IS love. Love is really about relationship. Our relationship with God first and foremost, and our relationship with each other.

How can you show your love for God and others daily?

Now THAT is the Heart of the Matter!
Happy Valentine's Day

You may be someone’s sweetheart
And that may be just fine
Yet there is more after the day
That we honor Saint Valentine.

Love is not an occasion
It’s not just for one day
Though simply said it isn’t bad
Yet God has more to say.

Love is patient, love is kind
Love goes way beyond a chocolate kiss
What if you don’t have a sweetheart
Is this an occasion you should miss?

God’s love is a love you can count on
It never lets you down
A love that’s always there with you
When no one is around.

Whether you have a sweetheart
Or whether you do not
God wants to be your Valentine
For He loves you a lot.

So, after all the candy
The cards. and lovely things
There is no greater fulfillment,
Then the love our God brings.

© 2012 “Lend a Heart” by Patrice Lenhart

Your Valentine

Our desire is to make you smile, to
enlighten you with information, encourager you with inspiration. We all have a desire to please God and make an impact on those around us but in addition to helping others we really must help ourselves by keeping strong not only in our body but our soul and spirit. Balance is the key remembering that all our parts or members work together like a symphony. Our Father knew exactly what he was doing when he created us. Everything placed in position to function properly and do a mighty work so we can live life to the fullest. Life and life more abundant for his glory and his purpose here on the earth.

Making wise food choices is a key to optimal health. Our bodies are made to respond to whole fresh foods full of vitamins minerals and nutrients. We are blessed and we pray that this information is a blessing to you, those who perhaps are new to this and others to encourage you to keep up the good

Here’s to your Health always,

Dr. Mark N.D.

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